We have assembled the SPAAT4FOOD consortium and launched the project in order to respond to the urgently needed capacity build-up for the growing FST capacities. This aspect of FST development is at a low level and the FST experts are scarce. Tunisian HE needs to respond and educate/train young students for the sector that shall significantly strengthen the relationship between universities and food industries. We expect that jobs for such graduates can be plentiful.

In this process we also aim to strengthen our institutions and build capacities of vocational HE institutions in FST, thus further improving our position as educators, training providers and consultancy experts.

Additionally, we wish to contribute to the increase in awareness on FST. Also, we try to help in pointing out the possibilities of the FST sector for job creation and self-employment.

Accordingly, the aim of SPAAT4FOOD project is to improve the quality of the Tunisian higher education food studies by developing innovative teaching tools and promoting effective collaboration between University and the socio-economic sector.