WP4: Lead partners was P1 and P7 with Tunisian partners being active

It consists in

  • Implementing a PIU in Tunisian partners universities
  • Adapt a novel methodological approach to realise internship
  • Learn new methodologies for students to research and apply for new jobs

The major objectives of WP4 is creating PIU, which can organize the students’ internship process, consultation, provision and respond to students’ needs in order to improve the quality of students’ internship

P7 was hosted staff Tunisian partners for passing the FST expertise and learn the student’s internship process/methods. P1 to P4 disseminate how to use and practice the novel strategies and achieve a case study of internships student based on new strategies adopted. Student’s can find internship opportunities using the VL services.


Open Day University of Manouba JPO2018

Agenda and minutes of  ULBS Workshop Sibiu

Career DAY ISBS University of SFAX  2019


New Proposition of Internship Procedure

SPAAT4FOOD PIU structure and functionality

Setting Up New Procedures in Internship Direction (Meeting Sousse 24 Juin 2019)